Celestron Deluxe Flexible Dew Shield for C9.25 and C11 Telescopes - 94016

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The Celestron Dew Shield DX will keep excess condensation from accumulating on your 9.25” or 11” Schmidt–Cassegrain, EdgeHD, or RASA (with single dovetail) corrector lens, a critical element of optical tube protection in the field. Dew shields also enhance both viewing and astrophotography by preventing stray light from entering the telescope.



Custom-designed to perfectly fit 9.25" and 11" telescopes specifically, the Celestron Dew Shield Deluxe is built from durable PE plastic that is both flexible and strong. Extra padding has been added at the tube attachment edge to create a more substantial fit on the optical tube. The felt-lined interior absorbs any additional stray light and excessive moisture, creating optimal contrast when viewing and imaging. In order to accommodate a 4" wide dovetail as well as create a more solid connection with the optical tube, the large dovetail cutout has been made both wider and deeper.

Velcro attachment points make adhering the dew shield to the optical tube easy. To achieve the proper fit, simply adjust the Velcro to conform to either the 9.25" or 11" version.


Transportation and Storage

The Dew Shield DX rolls up for easy transport and storage, saving you valuable space between uses.


Celestron C9.25 and C11 Deluxe Flexible Dew Shield Highlights

  • Keeps dew from accumulating on your telescope's corrector lens
  • Compatible with 9.25" and 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain or EdgeHD telescopes
  • Cutout accommodates telescope dovetail rails
  • Interior surface is felt-lined to catch moisture and minimize stray light
  • Rolls up for easy transport
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