Celestron 56 mm Omni Eyepiece - 2"

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Combining low magnification with a wide field of view thanks to its large lenses, this Celestron 56 mm Omni 2" Plossl eyepiece with 4-element, fully multi-coated optics, and 47º apparent field of view delivers excellent light transmission for a pleasurable night sky viewing experience. The 56 mm Omni is perfect for deep sky observing in conjunction with longer focal length telescopes such as Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain and EdgeHD models. Targets best suited for viewing with this eyepiece include star clusters like the Pleadies, nebulae like the Lagoon or Orion, and galaxies like Andromeda. Eyepieces lacking this low power/wide field combination are unable to offer satisfactory views of some of the most breathtaking objects in the night sky, nor keep them entirely in the field of view. Additionally, the 56 mm Omni works great for daytime terrestrial viewing of panoramic vistas using longer focal length telescopes.


Eyepiece Body

The Celestron 56 mm Omni eyepiece's internal barrel is painted black and has baffles to cut down on internal light reflection for a high-contrast viewing experience. Lens edges are also blackened for maximum contrast. Its mounting barrel is threaded to accept 2" filters and is compatible with 2” star diagonals and focusers. The barrel is also notched to prevent the eyepiece from falling out of the focuser if the securing thumbscrews become loose. On the exterior of the eyepiece, you will find an integrated knurled rubber grip ring for non-slip handling during observing sessions.

Rubber eyecups and a generous 28 mm of eye relief make observing through this 56 mm Omni eyepiece a comfortable experience whether you wear eyeglasses or not.


Celestron 56 mm Omni Eyepiece Highlights

  • When used with long focal length telescopes, this super long 56 mm focal length eyepiece offers low power views ideal for observing deep sky objects or daytime terrestrial vistas
  • 4-element Plössl design provides sharpness from views edge to edge of this eyepiece’s 47° apparent field of view
  • Fully multi-coated optics enable optimal light transmission through the lenses for more intense images
  • Fold-down rubber eyeguard and a copious amount of eye relief (52 mm) facilitate a comfortable viewing experience for both eyeglass and non-eyeglass wearers alike
  • Knurled rubber grip ring for non-slip handling during observing sessions
  • Threaded to accept most 2” filters
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