Canon 135mm f3.5 M39 Rangefinder Lens LTM screw mount lens - Excellent

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Really great Canon 135mm f/3.5 lens for screw mount Canon rangefinder cameras! The lens is in great condition with very little visible wear on the barrel, the glass is also in great shape with no marks, scratches, fungus or haze at all. The focusing rings and aperture rings all move smoothly with no sticking! The aperture blades inside the lens also move freely with no sticking as well. 

The Canon 135mm f/3.5 M39 rangefinder lens is a vintage lens known for its unique characteristics and capabilities. While individual preferences may vary, here are some potential advantages to using this lens:

  1. Build Quality and Size:

    • Vintage lenses often have solid metal construction, providing a durable and robust feel. The Canon 135mm f/3.5 M39 is no exception.
    • Its compact size makes it a portable and lightweight option for telephoto shooting.
  2. Bokeh and Shallow Depth of Field:

    • With an aperture of f/3.5, this lens can create a pleasing bokeh (out-of-focus background) and a shallow depth of field, making it suitable for portrait photography.
  3. Classic Rendering and Character:

    • Vintage lenses often have a distinct rendering style and character, which can add a unique look to your images.
    • Some photographers appreciate the imperfections, such as lens flare or vignetting, that vintage lenses introduce.
  4. Manual Focus Experience:

    • The Canon 135mm f/3.5 M39 is a manual focus lens, which can provide a more tactile and involved shooting experience for photographers who enjoy precise control over focus.
  5. Adaptability:

    • Adapters are available to mount M39 lenses on various camera systems, allowing users to adapt the lens to modern digital cameras, extending its usability.
  6. Affordability:

    • Compared to modern lenses with similar focal lengths, vintage lenses like the Canon 135mm f/3.5 M39 can be more affordable, offering good value for the money.
  7. Color and Contrast:

    • Some photographers appreciate the color rendition and contrast produced by certain vintage lenses. The Canon 135mm f/3.5 M39 may have a particular look that appeals to those seeking a classic aesthetic.
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