Cambo Calumet 4x5 Monorail (Pre-Owned)

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The Cambo Calumet 4x5 Monorail is a professional-grade large format camera, designed primarily for studio photography but also used in the field by those requiring precise control over their images. Known for its modular design and extensive movements, this camera is ideal for photographers who need maximum flexibility and precision in their work.

Key Features of the Cambo Calumet 4x5 Monorail

  1. Monorail Design: The camera is built around a single rail system, allowing for extensive movements of both the front and rear standards independently. This design offers great flexibility in adjusting perspective and focus.

  2. 4x5 Inch Film: Uses standard 4x5 inch sheet film, which provides superior image quality and detail due to the large negative size. It also supports Polaroid and digital backs with appropriate adapters.

  3. Movements: Extensive movements include rise, fall, tilt, swing, and shift for both the front and rear standards. These movements are crucial for controlling perspective, correcting distortion, and achieving precise focus control through the Scheimpflug principle.

    • Rise/Fall: Vertical movement to adjust the composition without tilting the camera.
    • Shift: Horizontal movement to adjust the composition side to side.
    • Tilt: Adjusting the plane of focus forward or backward to achieve greater depth of field.
    • Swing: Lateral adjustment of the focus plane to control focus across the image plane.
  4. Interchangeable Bellows: The camera supports different bellows, including standard, wide-angle, and bag bellows, allowing for flexibility in lens choice and movements.

  5. Interchangeable Lens Boards: Compatible with various lenses, the camera uses interchangeable lens boards, making it easy to swap lenses.

  6. Ground Glass Focusing: Equipped with a ground glass screen for precise focusing and composition. A dark cloth is often used to enhance visibility when composing the image.

  7. Sturdy Construction: Made from metal and high-quality materials, the camera is designed to withstand the rigors of professional use, though it can be relatively heavy and less portable than field cameras.

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