CaDA SOLAR SYSTEM Building Kit,865/pcs MOC C71004W Bricks

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  • Products designed by well-known Canadian studios, signed a contract to design the work, building block size: 33*19.4*21cm. The main body includes the sun, the earth and the moon, as well as the mechanical rotating bracket and base. The overall structure is compact and the shape is beautiful and atmospheric.
  • The product theme of C71004w simulates the principle of revolution and rotation between the sun, the earth and the moon in nature. It is not only a building block toy, but also a scientific experiment course. It has sophisticated gear system to help understand solar system rotations. 
  • The CaDA technology blocks turn the handle clockwise and the dial with the hands turns counter-clockwise. At the same time, the three models of the sun, moon and earth start to rotate. The manual contains the knowledge points of the solar system, as well as the popular science of the 24 solar terms of Chinese traditional culture, with pictures and texts and vivid explanations.
  • If you're looking for an immersive, fun, and never-before-seen building block challenge, this CaDA building kit has greater challenge, sophistication, and detail. Looking forward to being one of your choices.
  • The CaDA collection comes with detailed instructions in color, graphic and text, making it ideal for gifting and personal use. If you encounter any problems in the process of assembling CaDA bricks, please feel free to contact us. (Officially recommended for children aged eight and over).
  • This is not Lego. 
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