Browning Trail Camera Model BTC-5HD-APX (Pre-owned)

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The Browning Trail Camera Model BTC-5HD-APX is designed for outdoor surveillance and wildlife monitoring. Here are some key features and considerations about this trail camera:

  1. Camera Specifications:

    • Resolution: The BTC-5HD-APX typically offers HD (High Definition) video recording and high-resolution photo capture, often around 16-20 megapixels.
    • Detection Range: It usually has a motion detection range of up to 80 feet (or more), allowing it to capture wildlife movements effectively.
    • Trigger Speed: The trigger speed is the time it takes for the camera to detect motion and take a photo or video. It's usually fast, often less than 0.5 seconds, ensuring that you capture quick-moving subjects.
  2. Image and Video Quality:

    • These cameras often provide clear daytime images and videos, and many models include infrared (IR) LEDs for nighttime recording. The night vision range can vary but is typically sufficient for monitoring wildlife in darkness without disturbing them.
  3. Battery Life and Power:

    • Browning trail cameras are known for their efficient battery usage. They typically run on AA batteries (8 or 12 depending on the model), providing extended operating time.
    • Some models also support external power sources like solar panels or external battery packs for extended usage in remote locations.
  4. Design and Build:

    • The BTC-5HD-APX is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. It's usually housed in a durable, weather-resistant casing to protect it from rain, snow, and dust.
    • The camouflage design helps the camera blend into natural surroundings, making it less noticeable to wildlife and potential intruders.
  5. User Interface and Settings:

    • Browning trail cameras typically feature an intuitive user interface with settings for photo/video resolution, time-lapse intervals, and sensitivity adjustments.
    • Many models have a built-in viewing screen for easy setup and reviewing captured images/videos directly on the camera.
  6. Memory and Storage:

    • These cameras use SD memory cards to store captured images and videos. They usually support high-capacity cards (up to 512GB or more, depending on the model), allowing for extensive storage without frequent card changes.
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