Bob's Knobs for Meade 10" f/10 SCT 3-Screw Secondary

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Part: M10-3
Fits: Meade 10” (25 cm) f/10 SCT versions with three screws on the secondary housing (2120, LX10, LX50, LX90, LX100, LX200, others)

Knobs: Black plastic, 16 mm (5/8”) diameter
Threads: Black anodized aluminum alloy


  1. The factory dust cover will fit normally with Bob's Knobs installed.
  2. Some post-2004 Meade 10” telescopes have six screws on the secondary housing. The 6-screw secondary requires different knobs (Item B below) Do not use knobs for the 3-screw secondary on the 6-screw secondary. The screws on 3-screw knobs are too short.
  3. An Allen wrench for removing the factory collimation screws is included with your order.
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