Bilora Bella Camera Blue and Beige with case

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This Bilora Bella vintage camera has a unique retro design. The body shows signs of age through scuffs and scratches and slight discoloration specifically on the back, but is otherwise functioning and maintains its beautiful light blue and tan colors. The camera also comes with a unique beige carrying case that is sturdy and protective, though there are small splits in the material from previous use. This camera is unique for several reasons:

Compact Size: The Bella 66 is an ultra-compact 127 film camera. Its small size makes it incredibly portable and convenient to carry around, making it ideal for travel or everyday use.

Vintage Design: The Bella 66 features a charming vintage design that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts of retro cameras. Its stylish appearance sets it apart from modern cameras.

Simple Operation: The camera is straightforward to use, with minimal controls and settings. It's designed for easy point-and-shoot operation, making it suitable for beginners and those who prefer a hassle-free shooting experience.

127 Film Format: The Bella 66 uses 127 film, which is less common than 35mm film but still produces high-quality images. This film format allows for square images, which have a unique aesthetic appeal.

Fixed Lens: The Bella 66 typically comes with a fixed-focus lens, meaning there's no need to adjust focus manually. This simplicity adds to the camera's ease of use.

Pop-Up Viewfinder: The Bella 66 features a pop-up viewfinder that can be collapsed when not in use, contributing to its compact design.

Spring-Loaded Film Advance: The film advance mechanism in the Bella 66 is spring-loaded, making it easy and intuitive to advance the film after each shot.

Collectibility: While not as widely known as some other vintage cameras, the Bilora Bella 66 has gained a following among collectors of classic cameras. Its compact size, unique design, and simplicity make it a desirable addition to any camera collection.

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