Bestwell Minisight 10x Grain Focusing Aid (Pre-owned)

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The Bestwell Minisight 10x Grain Focuser is a high-quality optical tool designed for use in traditional black-and-white darkroom photography. It helps photographers achieve precise focus on the grain structure of the negative during the enlargement process.

Some features include:

  1. 10x Magnification: Provides a clear and detailed view of the film grain for accurate focusing
  2. Compact Size: The grain focuser is only 5.25" high, making it easy to handle and store
  3. All-Metal Construction: Ensures durability and long-lasting performance
  4. Front Surface "Mikodot" Mirror: Offers a crystal-clear reflection for accurate focusing
  5. Adjustable Focusing Eyepiece: Allows for individual accuracy and customization
  6. Crosshatch Target: Helps users achieve precise focus on the grain structure
  7. Aerial Image Principle: The focuser utilizes the aerial image principle for grain focusing
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