Bausch & Lomb IST Microscope (Pre-Owned)

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The Bausch & Lomb IST microscope is a high-quality microscope with a range of magnification options and a variety of objective lenses. Its achromatic objective, Huygenian eyepiece, and Porro prism provide excellent image quality

Some features include:

  • Optical System: The microscope features an achromatic objective, a Huygenian eyepiece, and a Porro prism
  • Magnification: The microscope has a magnification range of 40x to 430x, depending on the objective lens used
  • Objectives: The microscope comes with 4x, 10x, and 43x infinity corrected objectives
  • Eyepiece: The microscope has a tilting 10x eyepiece
  • Stage: The microscope has a plain stage with clips and a disc diaphragm
  • Focus: The microscope has a coarse focus mechanism
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