Astrosystems Transport Cases (Choose Size)

Article number: AS-TCXX
Availability: More on the Way to us

The AstroSystems transport cover is made to protect your telescope while disassembled in the field or while being transported.  The heavy duty shell is a PVC coated Nylon designed to repel dust, dirt and moisture. It is extremely tear and abrasion resistant. The liner is a heavy, 12 oz. Flannel to cushion and protect your investment.  The transport case has cut-outs to clear the transport handles so it can be left on while moving.  Sturdy attached bungees with hooks fasten each side at the corners.  The cover has slots at the bottom corners to clear bottom mounted transport handles so the telescope can be easily moved with the cover in place.  Configured for telescopes that have both transport handles parallel to the ground.

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