Astrosystems Newtonian Covers -f/4.2 and shorter (Choose Size)

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Effectively cover your Newtonian, Schmidt Cassegrain, Maksutov or Refractor  telescopes both at star parties and in storage.  This white, 400 denier, polyurethane coated nylon fabric will reflect the sun, resists dust and moisture and is long-lasting.  Our cover allows positioning in the horizontal when not being used so that high winds won't knock them over.  It has a draw cord at the bottom to give a snug fit around the bottom.  A sturdy 1" nylon strap is provided to attach a weight to the top end, keeping the wind from standing the scope up or turning it into a cosmic weathervane.  The water and dust resistant polyurethane inner coating rounds out a complete protection package for extended observing sessions in the bush.  The cover exterior is sprayed with a water repellant to add further protection from the elements.  The Newtonian cover comes with a storage bag and secondary mirror cover, both with draw pulls.  Worth every penny in strength, longevity and protection.  The AstroSystems cover is not intended for continuous outdoor exposure.  To retain the maximum water repellency, it is necessary to respray the cover once a year with silicone water repellant.  A 12 oz. aerosol can will spray a 18" N cover twice, a 16" SCT cover four times.  Available at hardware or discount stores for under $5.  We use the brand "weatherguard", brown can with orange top.

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