A101 Astrophotography on a Budget - May 7 2022 Online Workshop VIA ZOOM:

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Are you interested in the fun and fascination of Astrophotography?

Did you know that you can most likely get started with basic astrophotography with the tools you may have already in your own home!

An astrophotography imaging system with the right features can offer an innovative, educational, breathtaking image which will reveal your vision of the universe to your friends and family.

It's important to think about how you will use your telescope and what types of objects you want to photograph.

To make the process of buying astrophotography equipment easier, we will make a few recommendations and additions you may wish to implement. In this class you will learn about the different features you need to consider in order to make a smart purchase.

Workshops are held exclusively online via zoom on Saturday afternoon.

They begin at 5pm and run approximately one hour in length.

This is the first part of a series of three introductory workshops that will allow you to get a running start in understanding all of the intricate details on how to get the most satisfaction in your desire to capture the stars with equipment you may already have acquired!


This particular session will deal with the following topics:

What accessories can I purchase to make my pictures better?

Do I need a tracking mount to take astrophotography?

How long can I expose before stars begin to trail?


If you enjoy this first class, be sure to visit the website again to register for the two follow-up classes. The cost for future classes are $25 each.

Did you purchase your Imaging System from CCTS?

If so, you are entitled to this  EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP at no charge!

Simply add this to your cart and you will be registered for this informative ZOOM event!


Astrophotography can be complex...we can help clear away some of the confusion.

This lecture and workshop will provide the answers.

You'll learn all you ever wanted to know about astrophotography and receive practical information that will help you get set up and imaging.  

Instructor Dan Higgins is a veteran amateur astrophotographer, telescope mechanic, and host of the YouTube Astrophotography Channel “AstroWorld TV", sponsored by Camera Concepts & Telescope Solutions in Stony Brook.

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