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The Astronomer's Computer Companion, written by a professional and an avid amateur astronomer, is a complete introduction to contemporary astronomy and a guide to the best software, web sites, and other computer resources for astronomers. Whether you have only a passing interest in astronomy or you spend every evening on a mountain top, you'll find something exciting in The Astronomer's Computer Companion.

You'll learn:

  • What software to use to track the movement of planets, asteroids, satellites, and other celestial bodies-even how to keep a log of your sightings, generate star charts, calculate exposures for astronomical photographs, and more
  • How to use the Internet to access high-powered remote telescopes for personal research projects
  • Where on the Internet to find up-to-the-minute astronomy news or view the latest images
  • How to use the Internet to share discoveries with astronomers around the world through newsgroups and chat rooms
  • Where on the Internet to find answers to your astronomy questions quickly

About the CD-ROM:
The Astronomer's Computer Companion CD-ROM includes hundreds of megabytes of software (over 100 freeware, shareware, and demo programs)-saving you hours and hours of downloading time and bringing everything together in one place. In addition, the authors include dozens of fascinating astronomical images and animations, as well as a searchable electronic version of the book (in Adobe's PDF format) that you can read as you click the hyperlinks to browse the Web sites referenced throughout the book.

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