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Vixen-Style Universal Dovetail Plate

Most dovetail plates can only satisfy a small number of predetermined attachments because there are a few build-in holes tapped into them. The Askar new narrow dovetail plate will allow much more potential attachments with its newly-designed holes and slots.
Sometimes you may find your tube rings or guiding rings can not fit the holes of some stock dovetail plates. In order to solve these awkwardness and inconvenience for our customers, Askar upgrades its Vixen-style dovetail plate. The slots drilled along or vertical to the length provide more possible spacing so the users may have more options and versatility in practical attachments. And more holes are tapped into the plate for the attachment of tube rings, guiding rings or cameras and other accessories that function with a tripod. They all can be easily connected to this Vixen-style narrow dovetail plate. Besides, the dovetail itself also fits the Vixen-style equatorial mounts. 

There is a hole at the front and back end of the dovetail plate. Thread two screws respectively into the holes when placing the dovetail plate on an equatorial mount. This protecting system can effectively prevent the plate and the equipment attached onto it from slipping away.  
The Askar Vixen-style universal dovetail plate is an ideal helper for rigorous and secure connection and placement. It caters to many attachments of accessories or optical apparatus that come with different dimensions or designs. And it comes with 150mm, 200mm and 300mm in length.

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