Askar FMA180 Pro APO Refractor

Article number: FMA180-Pro
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This professional version of the FMA180 by Askar is great for use as a lens or finder scope, or as an astrograph for astrophotography. Boasting a sextuplet, 3+3 lens configuration and APO design, two lenses are coated with ED (extra-low dispersion) glass to minimize chromatic aberration.

Compared to the base model FMA180, the pro version adds a finder base for easy mounting, as well as a 360-degree rotator, which allows the user to properly orient attached cameras or accessories during photographic or visual sessions. An internal focusing mechanism provides additional strength and stability.

Impressive Specifications

In addition to the sextuplet optical design mentioned above, the FMA180 Pro provides 40 mm of aperture and a 180 mm focal length, bringing the focal ratio to f/4.5. The FMA180 Pro comes with an M48 adapter at the rear, with a standard backfocus of 55 mm and a built-in 2" filter thread. The 44 mm image circle provides support for full-frame cameras.

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