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This CCTS exclusive speedyGuideScope is the fastest, widest and sharpest guidescope out there, perfect for guiding imaging telescopes with a focal length of up to ~500mm.

This simple, lightweight and elegant solution for a guidescope will enable the user to locate more stars to guide on than any other guidescope on the market. The reason for this is owed to the f1.4 photographic speed of the lens and its wide 50mm focal length.

Even with guiding cameras that have small sensors, our CCTS speedyGuideScope will still provide you with a large field of view (FoV) and a really high number of stars to choose from. Having these abilities, enables guiding software like PHD2 to auto-select from a vast number of stars to pick only the very best star shapes to guide on!

Our speedyGuideScope (lens + base) weighs in at just a hair over 8oz or 227g! WOW! ..and with it's industry standard vixen level findershoe, it will fit most finderbases.

Please note that the speedyGuideScope does not come included with a camera, but we are more than happy to discuss all suitable options with you!


Recent question from one of our customers concerning the SpeedyGuidescope:

"What would you recommend for a camera to pair with using the speedyGuideScope? I have a 10 inch Meade LX200, ratio is f10."


I'm afraid the speedy guidescope, albeit fantastic for its diminutive size, cannot guide a 2.5 meter focal length imaging scope with enough accuracy for that resolution. As it says in it's description, the speedyguidescope is best paired with short focal length imaging scopes. For example, it can effectively guide an imaging scope with a focal length of 500mm when using the ASI120mini, or upto 700mm using the ASI290, or up to 900mm using the QHYIII178.
Here are my recommendations for your scope:
Option #1
Option #2
Hope this helps.



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