Arcturus Shroud for Night Vision & Solar Viewing

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The use of a "photographer's dark cloth" greatly enhances viewing the solar disk. Contrast is increased significantly and overall visual perception of detail is improved.

In addition the use of the shroud guards your vision against night blindness from accidentally viewing stray white light from your neighbor. Our shroud is made of durable opaque black material on the underside and a highly reflective silver material on the outside to reduce heat and maximize contrast.

Our shrouds are double layered (and double stitched) with a highly reflective outer layer to keep you cool down under.This double layered material is a breatheable fabric which will allow comfort underneath no matter how hot the temperature becomes. We also incorporate a handy loop in the center of the shroud for easy hanging on any available handle or other part of your mount.

Overall dimensions of our shroud is 30" x 44"

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