Arcturus Dew Shield for Telrad

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This great finderscope is now available with one of the most effective dew shields in the business. Custom made to catch all the dew and leave the telrad's window clear to keep you viewing all night long!~

 * The Telrad finder includes user adjustable brightness controls. * A Telrad Finder makes star hopping fast, fun and simple! * Easy mounting with included bracket and hardware. * Compatible with almost any size and style telescope. * The Telrad Finder circles provide easy reference to star charts. * Use with additional finder scope or other astronomy equipment. * Measures 8 x 1.75" and powered by two AA batteries. (not included)

The Telrad base is 175mm long and 60mm wide. There are also two mounting holes that allow for an alternative to the standard method of mounting with the supplied double-stick foam tape.

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