Arcturus CPRO600 Deluxe Astro Chair

Article number: CPRO-600
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Other observing chairs tend to cause fatigue due to the uncomfortable posture they promote. Our Deluxe Observing Chair solves this problem with four special rubber attachments under the seat base which allow the seat to tilt to the front and to the left and right so that it can adjust to your body movements and disperse the weight. The front tilted position of the seat is especially beneficial because it maintaining the natural state of the spine and hip which means less stress to the back and thigh, reducing back and neck fatigue.

From a low crouch to a standing position, the seat height can be adjusted to 12 levels (12.5" to 33.5", 2" steps) by removing the seat and hooking it to the horizontal bars located on the chair frame. This means you can easily adjust your seat height according to your needs. Our observing Chair can guarantee the optimum posture anytime, anywhere.

Weight Capacity: 400LBS.
Color: **Black Frame and Seat
Base(WxL) 14"x 21"
Seat(WxD) 14"x 9"
Height Range 13"-34"
Weight(lbs) 18

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