Arcturus Hot Shoe Finder Adapter for Deluxe Red Dot Finder

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Finding astronomical objects more easily - a finder for your camera

Do you want to accurately put astronomical objects into your camera's field of view? You know, it's really not that straightforward, especially when you are photographing an extended nebula without a telescope. The Arcturus Hot Shoe Finder Adapter  for SLR cameras now lets you take care of this in a jiffy.

The advantages in a nutshell

- Add a LED finder for your camera - easily locate astronomical objects in the camera's viewfinder.


- anodised aluminium - high-quality workmanship - a finder which will faithfully accompany you for many years


- fits onto your camera's hot shoe


Fits onto the camera's hot shoe
This finder adapter fits into the hot shoe of your SLR camera like a glove. Use our deluxe red Dot Finder (sold separately) and Line up on an object and know immediately where your camera is pointing. Many cameras' viewfinders are too dark, and other cameras only have a digital viewfinder. The chance of locating something is very small. The Arcturus Hot Shoe Finder adapter makes the world of astrophotographers just that bit easier.

You know just where you are with the red dot
Look through the finder and you will see a background of starry sky. A small red dot seems to float in front of this, showing you what the lens of your camera has in view.
The touch of a button lets you select one of five different brightness levels. Just set it to a comfortable brightness. And, by the way, for daytime photography you can also opt for a brighter green dot.

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