Arcturus #003 42mm x 80mm Twist Pack Eyepiece Case

Article number: DP42 080
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This high quality bolt-style polypropylene eyepiece container provides inexpensive protection for your expensive optics. It keeps an eyepiece or Barlow safe, dustproof, and dewproof. It has a hexagonal base that prevents the eyepiece or Barlow from rolling if the container is placed on a slanted surface. Soft foam inserts inside both ends cradle the eyepiece or Barlow and keep it from rattling around during transit. If the foam insert in the top of the container is too loose for your liking, a piece of double-faced tape (not supplied) can be used to hold it in place in the container top. Additional foam inserts (#42FOAM) are available optionally to provide a more snug fit for short eyepieces. The screw-closure design cannot open accidentally, even if dropped. The length is adjustable to hold any eyepiece or Barlow

A durable polypropylene screw-type container for your eyepieces. Measures 42mm inside diameter, 60mm long.
Fits many Orthos and Plossls but also:
Shorter barlows and longer 1.25" eyepieces such as the Televue Nagler Type 6 eyepieces
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