Antlia LRGBR+ Dark series filters - 36mm unmounted

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The Antlia LRGBR+ Dark series filters are designed with a fullspectrum curve from 390nm to 1000nm, making it sensitive toboth UV and IR light for high signal-to-noise ratio and contrastimaging in deep sky full-spectrum photography. The LRGB dark series filters are made of quartz glass, which hasexceptional thermal and mechanical properties due to its ultra-lowthermal expansion coefficient. These filters offer remarkabledurability for imaging and research in the most challenging environmental conditions.

Considering the high quantum efficiency (QE) of the cameras inthe near-infrared bands, Antlia incorporates a Red+700-1000nmfilter into LRGB dark series to capture valuable signals that cannotbe detected by regular LRGB filters.


In post-processing, combine the R and R+ channels to create a new R channel. The remaining steps for processingare identical to those used as regular LRGB filters.

The LRGBR+ Dark series filters are best paired with Antlia SHO 2.8nm and 2.5nm Ultra Narrowband filters, as theyshare the same quartz substrate and refractive index, resulting in better parfocality.


Filters Specifications:

LRGBR+ dark specification.png



The main features and application:

- Full spectrum design enhances the sensitivity of imaging to both UV and IR light.

- High transmittance B filter≥95%,L-R-G filter≥97%,this ensures that there is almost no loss in image signal, maximizing contrast;

- Made of quartz glass, excellent durability and thermal stability, as well as better fracture and scratch resistance,improved coating resilience to cleaning;

- More infrared signal to be found by combining Red+ filter;

- Out of band blocking specification is designed to OD4.5 (0.005%) to block interference from other wavelengths andminimize halos around bright stars;

- Identical filter thickness to existing standards and double-sided fine polishing , with utmost care for parfocality

- All Antlia filters are coated to the edge of the substrate and unmounted sizes are edge blackened to eliminate internal reflections from stray light;

- Filters are resistant to scratches;

- Warranty: 3-years against delamination.


Filter Ring:

Antlia standard thread:1.25’’ (M28.5*0.6),2’’(M48*0.75 pitch)

Ultra-thin filter cell to minimize vignetting by maximize possible clear aperture

Black Anodized Finish

Laser Engraving No Fading


Not Recommended:

Solar imaging

Night visual observation


Not Permitted:


Serious eye damage will result if you fail to observe the warning.


Spectrum Curves:



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