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American Optical History  -
AO Scientific Instruments History

The AO Lensometer
Note "Lensometer" was an AO Trademark name

AO Promotional photo (~1920) for the first marketed AO Lensometer which was first sold in 1921;
the principal by which we still measure lenses today. In 1916, AO began using the Lensometer in its factory/ branches.
In 1917, it line of Centex lenses was introduced
which were designed by effective power (now the Industry Standard).

Early "AO Lensometer" related measuring devices

This website page shows the lineage of the AO Lensometer over time, an instrument which
is still one of the most important devices in the Ophtlamic Industry today.

Dr. Tillyer in the image above from a 1918 Booklet on the Lensometer
Download this first booklet (4mb pdf)

Download the AO 1938 Booklet about this model, and the complete background
of the AO Lensometer up until then. It was written by Dr. Estelle Glancy

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