Altura Photo AP-N1001 Speedlite Flash for Nikon DSLR Camera (OPEN BOX)

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This is a really great digital flash for Nikon DSLR cameras, offers TTL options as well.  The flash is in immaculate shape, no damage at all on the body, view screen or flash head itself, the flash is bright and powerful with no delays in firing. 

Here are some advantages to using this flash: 

  1. Affordability: Third-party flashes are often more budget-friendly compared to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) flashes. This can be beneficial for photographers who are looking for cost-effective lighting solutions.

  2. Compatibility: Many third-party flashes are designed to be compatible with a range of Nikon cameras. This versatility can be advantageous if you own multiple Nikon camera models.

  3. High Guide Number (GN): A high GN indicates a powerful flash, which is useful for shooting in low-light conditions or for subjects at a distance.

  4. Tilting and Swiveling Head: A flash with a tilting and swiveling head allows you to bounce light off ceilings or walls, providing more natural and flattering lighting.

  5. Wireless Flash Functionality: Some third-party flashes come with built-in wireless capabilities, allowing for off-camera flash setups and creative lighting configurations.

  6. Multi-mode and High-Speed Sync: Advanced features like multi-mode (stroboscopic) and high-speed sync can enhance your creative options, allowing you to capture unique lighting effects and shoot at faster shutter speeds.

  7. Built-in Diffuser and Reflector: Some flashes include built-in diffusers and reflectors, which can help soften harsh light and create more natural-looking portraits.

  8. Manual and TTL Modes: Many third-party flashes offer both manual and TTL (through-the-lens) modes, providing flexibility in your shooting style.

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