ADM-DVPA-PM2- D Series or V Series Dovetail Adapter for Vixen Porta Mount Right Angle Configuration

Article number: DVPA-PM2
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Fits D Series and V Series dovetail bars. Allows owners of the Vixen Porta II Telescope Mount to mount telescopes at a right angle to the Vixen Porta II mounts arm. The right angle bracket attaches to the Porta II Mount using two of the mounts tapped holes that are positioned 60mm apart. The right angled portion of the bracket has three tapped holes for mounting small universal dovetail bars.  This will allow other mounts users to take advantage of the right angled adapter.

The DVPA-PM2 is offered in two packages:

  • Package #1 – DVPA-PM2 is the full kit and includes the right angle bracket, handle and DVPA adapter. The DVPA adapter accepts both D Series and V Series dovetail bars. Weight of DVPA-PM2 is 28oz. 3.7” tall, 3” wide and 5” long.
  • Package #2 – PM2 is for the right angled bracket and handle only.  Weight of PM2 is 18oz. 3.7” tall, 3” wide and 5” long.
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