ADM 54.5mm Inside Diameter Tube Ring Set - 54mmRING

Article number: 54mmRING
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54.5mm inside diameter tube ring designed specifically to fit the common 50mm finder sold under a number of different names including but not limited to Arcturus, SVBony, AstroMania, StarField, Orion and Saxon. These tube rings allow you to rigidly mount the guidescope to the existing dovetail bar. it can also be used to attach the guidescope rings to an ADM Accessories style clamp. Shown in the photo is a DVPA-TAK with the 35mm spaced holes. A washer was used to convert the 8mm counterbored hole to a 1/4 counterbored hole. These tube rings will not fit the 60mm version. I have not measured to see if these rings will work with other 50mm finders so you will need to check the OD of the tube before ordering. 54.5mm ID.75mm OD, 3.6oz/ring

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