Kiev MNP 65mm F3.5 Lens for Kiev Film Cameras (Pre-Owned)

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Really nice Soviet Kiev lens, glass is in beautiful shape with no scratches, haze or fungus on either element. Rings spin smoothly with no sticking or hanging up. The lens body has some wear on it to be expected from a lens of this age but doesn't impede functionality at all. 

The Kiev MNP 65mm lens is a medium format lens that was manufactured in Ukraine. It is known for its unique characteristics and qualities that make it appealing to certain photographers:

  1. Medium Format Quality: The Kiev MNP 65mm lens is designed for medium format cameras, which typically have larger sensors or film sizes than 35mm cameras. This larger format allows for greater image detail and higher resolution, making it suitable for landscape, portrait, and fine art photography.

  2. Distinctive Aesthetics: Many photographers appreciate the character and unique rendering of Soviet-era lenses like the Kiev MNP. These lenses often produce images with distinct colors, contrast, and bokeh, which can give your photos a vintage or artistic look.

  3. Affordable Vintage Option: The Kiev MNP lens is often more affordable compared to some modern medium format lenses. This makes it an attractive option for photographers looking to experiment with medium format photography without a significant financial commitment.

  4. Manual Focus: The Kiev MNP 65mm lens is typically manual focus, which can be appealing to photographers who prefer the control and tactile feel of manual focusing. The focus ring is often smooth and well-damped, allowing for precise control over focusing.

  5. Build Quality: While the build quality of Soviet-era lenses like the Kiev MNP may not be on par with modern high-end lenses, they are known for their sturdiness and durability. These lenses are often constructed with metal barrels and simple, reliable mechanical designs.

  6. Character and Flaws: Some photographers are drawn to the flaws or idiosyncrasies of vintage lenses like the Kiev MNP. These may include optical imperfections or quirks that add to the lens's unique charm and character.

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