50mm El-Omegar (Japan) Lens

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The 50mm El-Omegar is a type of enlarging lens manufactured by Omegar, a brand known for producing high-quality optical equipment for darkroom use. Here's what you need to know about the 50mm El-Omegar enlarging lens:

  1. Purpose: The 50mm El-Omegar is designed specifically for use in darkroom enlargers. Enlarging lenses are used to project the image of a negative onto photosensitive paper, allowing photographers to create larger prints of their photographs.

  2. Focal Length: The 50mm focal length is considered a standard choice for many darkroom enlargers. It allows for versatile printing of various sizes of negatives, from standard 35mm film to medium format.

  3. Aperture: The aperture of the El-Omegar lens determines the amount of light that passes through the lens during the enlarging process. A wider aperture (lower f-number) allows more light, which can be beneficial for faster printing times, especially with larger or denser negatives.

  4. Optical Quality: Omegar lenses are known for their high-quality optics, providing sharpness, contrast, and minimal distortion. The 50mm El-Omegar lens is designed to deliver clear and detailed enlargements with fine resolution.

  5. Manufacture: While Omegar is primarily associated with enlarging lenses made in Japan, it's worth noting that some Omegar lenses may have been manufactured in other countries as well. The quality and performance of the lens may vary depending on the manufacturing location and production standards.

  6. Compatibility: The 50mm El-Omegar enlarging lens is compatible with various enlarger brands and models that require a lens with a 50mm focal length and appropriate mounting thread size.

  7. Usage: When using the 50mm El-Omegar lens in an enlarger, it's essential to ensure proper focusing and alignment to achieve optimal sharpness and clarity in the final print. Careful handling and maintenance of the lens are also important to preserve its optical quality over time.

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