Vernon/Dual Eight Hudson Photographic 8MM Editor Viewer, Sansei Koki Co. Ltd (Pre-owned) TESTED

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The Vernon/Dual Eight Hudson Photographic 8mm Editor Viewer, manufactured by Sansei Koki Co. Ltd., is a piece of equipment used for editing and viewing 8mm film footage. Here's some information about it:

  1. Purpose: The Vernon/Dual Eight Hudson Photographic Editor Viewer is designed for editing and viewing 8mm film. It allows users to inspect, splice, and assemble 8mm film footage for editing purposes.

  2. Compatibility: This editor viewer is specifically designed for 8mm film formats, which include Regular 8mm (standard 8mm) and Super 8mm. These formats were popular for amateur filmmaking and home movies during the mid-20th century.

  3. Features: The editor viewer typically includes features such as a built-in light source (often a fluorescent bulb), a magnifying lens for close inspection of film frames, and a splicing mechanism for cutting and joining film strips. It may also include a viewer screen for playback of the edited footage.

  4. Dual Functionality: The "Dual Eight" designation suggests that this editor viewer is compatible with both Regular 8mm and Super 8mm film formats. This versatility allows users to work with different types of 8mm film without needing separate equipment.

  5. Manufacturer: The Vernon/Dual Eight Hudson Photographic Editor Viewer is manufactured by Sansei Koki Co. Ltd., a company known for producing optical and photographic equipment. While specific information about Sansei Koki Co. Ltd. may be limited, their products were likely produced during the mid-20th century when 8mm film was a popular format for home movies and amateur filmmaking.

  6. Usage: Users would typically use this editor viewer in a darkened room to inspect, edit, and assemble 8mm film footage. The built-in light source illuminates the filmstrip, allowing users to see individual frames clearly for editing purposes.

  7. Collectibility: Vintage film editing equipment like the Vernon/Dual Eight Hudson Photographic Editor Viewer holds nostalgic and collectible value for enthusiasts interested in the history of filmmaking and photography. It represents a bygone era when physical film was the primary medium for capturing and sharing memories.

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