Stellarvue 7x50 Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope (Pre-Owned)

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This is a great Stellarvue 7x50 Right Angle Correct Image finderscope in fantastic shape! The glass on both the front and rear elements is in really nice shape with no scratches, marks, or haze in them, and the exterior barrel of the finderscope is also in fantastic shape with no marks at all! Focusing ring on the eyepiece moves smoothly with no sticking at all either. 

Stellarvue 7x50 finderscopes, like other similar devices, offer several advantages for astronomical observations:

  1. Wide Field of View: The 7x50 configuration typically provides a wide field of view, making it easier to locate celestial objects in the night sky.

  2. Magnification: The 7x magnification allows for a closer view of objects, making it helpful for identifying and centering targets before using higher-powered eyepieces on a telescope.

  3. Large Objective Lens: The 50mm objective lens diameter allows for more light gathering, making the finderscope effective in low-light conditions, such as during twilight or when observing faint celestial objects.

  4. Bright Images: The combination of the 7x magnification and the large objective lens results in bright and clear images, aiding in the identification of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies.

  5. Crosshair Reticle: Finderscopes often come with crosshair reticles, which are helpful for aligning and centering objects precisely. This is especially useful when trying to locate faint or small targets.

  6. Ease of Use: Finderscopes are generally easy to use and provide a more user-friendly way to navigate the night sky, particularly for beginners who may find it challenging to use higher-magnification eyepieces on a telescope.

  7. Low Maintenance: Finderscopes are typically low-maintenance devices, requiring minimal care and adjustment.
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