Calumet Camera shutter speed tester

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The Calumet Camera shutter speed tester is a tool used to measure the accuracy of the shutter speeds on various types of cameras, including large format cameras like the Graflex Crown Graphic.

This device allows photographers to verify the accuracy of their shutter speeds by exposing the tester to light and observing the results. It typically consists of a light-sensitive sensor connected to a display that shows the measured shutter speed.

To use the Calumet shutter speed tester, you would attach it to the lens of your camera and trigger the shutter at different speed settings. The device then measures the actual duration of the exposure and compares it to the selected shutter speed.

This type of tool is invaluable for photographers who rely on precise exposure settings, especially in situations where accurate shutter speeds are crucial, such as studio photography or when shooting with large format film. It ensures that the camera's shutter mechanism is functioning correctly and helps maintain consistent exposure across multiple shots.

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