AstroHutech IDAS NBZ Ultra High Speed 52 mm Filter - NBZ-521828

Article number: NBZ-521828
Availability: More on the Way to us

This Ultra High-Speed version of the Nebula Boosting NBZ IDAS filter is ideal for fast optical systems like RASA, HyperStars, some camera lenses.

AstroHutech IDAS dual narrowband NBZ filters are designed to enhance the contrast between H-alpha and OIII emission nebula and accommodate for the spectral shifts with modern fast optical systems. The dual-band NBZ 52 mm filter is great for astrophotographers who have a one-shot color camera or those who have a monochrome/color astronomy camera.

The Nebula Booster filter has a great in-band transmission and the off-center design accommodates off-axis rays for fast options. There is no IR blocker required and the AstroHutech filter fully blocks NIR up to 1200 nm. The steep bandpass edges minimize internal reflections for excellent quality views.

The IDAS filter is polished twice as long as is typical for optical glass, so when coupled with the high-quality substrate glass, you will find there are no scratches, bubbles, or other defects visible, even when under a microscope. Being IDAS proprietary means that this filter is manufactured using unique technologies to meet or exceed the quality of the rest of your optical system. The Ion-Gun Assist Deposition (IGAD) coating technology used with IDAS filters was originally developed for optical communications fields where long-term stability is required. This means that this filter has robust coatings and long-term spectral stability under extreme temperatures and humidity. The IGAD technology virtually eliminates bandpass shifts from the +/-3 or 4nm typical of a standard coating.

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