Asahi SMC Pentax Roof Prism 7x21 Binoculars (Pre-Owned)

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Really nice pair of SMC Pentax 7x21 Roof Prism binoculars. All four glass elements are in really nice shape, with no scratches, haze, or fungus at all! The focuser moves smoothly with no sticking, and the body of the binoculars themselves are in great shape with no marks or damage, the binoculars even come in their original packaging! 

Some benefits of these specific binoculars are: 

  1. Compact Size: The "7x21" specification suggests a 7x magnification with a 21mm objective lens diameter. This compact size makes the binoculars lightweight and easy to carry, making them suitable for various outdoor activities like hiking, bird watching, or sporting events.

  2. Roof Prism Design: Roof prism binoculars are known for their slim and straight-barrel design. They are generally more compact and lightweight than porro prism binoculars. This design can be preferred for its sleek appearance and ease of handling.

  3. Coated Optics (SMC - Super Multi-Coating): If the binoculars feature Super Multi-Coating (SMC), it means the optical surfaces have multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings. This helps in reducing glare, improving light transmission, and enhancing image brightness and contrast.

  4. Quality Construction: Binoculars that are well-built with durable materials and a quality finish tend to be more appreciated. The build quality affects durability, water resistance, and overall reliability, especially in outdoor environments.

  5. Field of View: A wide field of view is often desirable, particularly for activities like bird watching or observing fast-paced events. A wider field of view allows you to see more of the scene at once.

  6. Eye Relief: If you wear glasses, a longer eye relief is beneficial for comfortable viewing. It allows you to see the entire field of view without straining your eyes or having to remove your glasses.

  7. Prism Glass Quality: The type and quality of the glass used for the prisms can impact image clarity and color accuracy. High-quality prisms contribute to a sharper and clearer image.

  8. Ease of Focus: A smooth and precise focus mechanism is crucial for quickly adjusting to different distances and maintaining a clear image.

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