Arcturus 1.25" Variable Eyepiece Projection Camera Adapter

Article number: VSA04
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This eliminates the need to change eyepieces when different magnification or additional projection enlargement is desired. This additional projection range is particularly useful in high-resolution Lunar / Planetary photography. The rightmost barrel can be unscrewed and is the same as the prime focus camera adapter above. Requires T-ring (sold separately - see below). Threaded to accept standard 1.25" filters.


  • This easy to use 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapter is designed to attach both camera body and reflector together.
  • Dual design allows the user to make slight magnification adjustments without having to change telescope eyepieces.
  • In addition, the adapter works well for refractor telescopes when in use for either prime-focus or telescope eyepiece-projection photography.
  • Compatible for both reflector and refractor telescopes with 1.25" eyepiece holders.
  • The 1.25" Variable Universal Camera Adapter is made of black-anodized aluminum.


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