Arcturus 20mw Green Laser Pointer (Lithium USB Rechargeable)

Article number: VSLP01-20
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We are one of the very few dealers in the US that fully test each and every laser pointer for durability and reliability.

There are a number of little known facts that you should be aware of when purchasing one of these educational tools:

Green laser pointers will tend to only perform well when subjected to comfortable climactic conditions. Any laser pointer will tend to dim when the ambient temperature is either below 45 degrees or above 90 degrees. With this in mind, during colder periods of weather you should keep the pointer warm by either wrapping it in your pocket or wrapping it with a dew heater strap. If temperature is not an issue, our lasers are GUARANTEED to be outstanding performers.

Green laser pointers are manufactured using an average mw rating target standard. This may or may not be even CLOSE to the actual performance that the laser achieves. For example, a 10mw laser is manufactured to APPROXIMATE 10mw but it's actual performance may truly vary as much as 5-10mw each time the on-button is depressed!

We are the only laser dealer on the market that will provide you with an individual test report showing the test report results for the laser that you receive.

   Our technicians utilize a laser power meter to individually test every laser and each of our lasers come with a full test report that certifies the actual output of the individual laser that you receive. Each test report will include 10 individual readings and the average total output that your laser achieved throughout the test.

   Buy your laser elsewhere and deal with the uncertainty that you may or may not be getting your money's worth. Here at CCTS, we guarantee that the laser you get will be well worth your investment!

All of our lasers come with an unconditional money back guarantee and are warranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for one full year.

*New 10mW Green Beam Laser Pointer
*100% brand new and high quality
*Lightweight and handy, suitable for put in your pocket or handbags
*It's more convenience that use laser point to the target instead of hands
*Perfect for teachers, students, engineers, doctors, managers and so on
*Laser light color: Green
*Output power: Max 10mw
*Output wavelength: 532 nm
*Press button for ON / OFF
*Note: Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam
*Output mode: Constant Wave
*Powered by one 18650 lithium battery(Battery is included)

Package includes:

1x Latest 10mW Green Beam Laser Pointer Pen.

2x AAA Alkaline Batteries


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