Arcturus 9x50 Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope w/ Meade Bracket (Pre-Owned)

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The Arcturus 9x50 Right Angle Correct Image Finder Scope is a device used to locate celestial objects in the sky. It is designed to provide an easy and comfortable way to find objects in the sky, especially for those who find it uncomfortable to look through an inline finder scope. This scope is in great condition and is ready for use.

Other features include:

  • Right-angle design for a comfortable 90-degree perspective and an upright, non-inverted image
  • Correct-image finder scope that displays right side up, left-to-right correct views
  • Can be used to upgrade an existing finder or purchased with a Meade bracket
  • Sophisticated, lab-tested dielectric coatings that boast an improved reflectivity of 99% 
  • Can be focused by screwing in/out and then locked in position with a knurled ring
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