Agglutination Test Slide with Four Concavities (Sold Individually)

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-Four-Concavity Slide for the Diamond Rh
Slide Agglutination Test, 3"x1"x3 mm.
thick, four concavities each 17 mm.
in diameter.

-Meant for Rh Type Box:

(Description of Rh Type Box): Provides an evenly illuminated opal glass viewing area, 121 x 3", and accommodates the standard 3" microscope or concavity slide. The box is so designed that
the temperature throughout the illuminated area is practically uniform within a
range of 37 C to 42 C - 98 F to 107 F. (Temperature refers to the blood or
specimen on the slide.) The box will give the proper temperature when operated
on 110 volt AC or DC. At normal room temperature it requires about 15 minutes
to arrive at the proper stabilized temperature. When there is considerable variation in room temperature, a slotted opening provides a means of modifying the
The Rh Typing Box is made of gray wrinkle-finish sheet metal. Joints are free
so that the box can be rocked gently. Illumination is provided by a 12", 40 watt
Lumiline bulb which operates on AC or DC.

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