Stellarvue Access Telescopes

Affordability & Quality

The Stellarvue Access Series telescopes are your chance to own a Super ED apochromatic telescope at an affordable price! The combination of a highly accurate doublet now using Hoya FCD100 and a Lanthanum second element, a solid 2.5" dual speed rack and pinion focuser, and our quality control make these a great value. 

Performance Tested

These telescopes serve as a entry point into the Stellarvue family! They are entirely imported so they sell for less than our premier apo triplets. But we align them here, adjust the mechanics if needed, perform a star test to ensure they are free of optical defects such as coma and on axis astigmatism. We then ensure they meet our mechanical standards by testing and/or adjusting the focusers. 

Upgrade with Your Passion

Another advantage is the ability to upgrade down the road. Customers who purchase these as an entry point can later trade up to one of our premier apo triplet refractors under our certified pre-owned program. This is an effortless way to obtain a world class apo triplet refractor without having to pay full price when you are ready for the very best.