ZWO Five Position Manual Filter Wheel - 1.25

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Here's a wonderfully efficient way to dial-in the filter you want for observing or photography. With the 5-Filter Wheel, you can change filters without removing your eyepiece or camera. Just rotate the wheel with light finger pressure and the selected filter clicks into place. Planetary observers can switch among several color filters, and deep-sky observers can compare views in "A/B" fashion through broadband and narrowband filters. Astrophotographers can shoot sequentially and without interruption through the filters required for RGB and LRGB imaging ? all "locked and loaded" in prominently numbered wells. Holds up to five standard 1.25" filters, or one can be left out for unfiltered viewing. Anodized aluminum housing protects filters from dirt, moisture, and impact better than sliding filter tray designs. Attaches directly to telescope via removable 1.25" nosepiece or T-thread, and accepts 1.25" accessories or camera nosepiece. Ideal for use with Orion StarShoot or DSLR cameras. Requires additional 20mm focus travel.

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