ZWO ASI1600MM Cooled Pro (3.8 microns) USB 3.0 Monochrome Astronomy Camera

Article number: ASI1600MM-P
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CCTS says: "ZWO's best seller and the most popular CMOS sensor out there. For the imager who wants to go mono+filters this is the de-facto choice. Personally, I have this sensor also and have enjoyed it very much!" -MK


This is the first dedicated DSO imaging camera but capable of Planetary imaging

here is a 300S dark frame tested with the cooler running at -25 degree

You can see the reviews here


1600 Gain RN DR FW vs gain

Relative QE



This camera can run without external power supply in normal mode

we recommends 12V at 2.5A or more DC adapter for cooler power supply(2.1*5.5, center positive)

Battery from 9-15V is also suitable for cooler power supply


Left is our newest designed cooled ASI1600, right is the first generation.

the difference is the new one build in USB2.0 hub and the old one build in ST4 guide port


Here is a test result of the Power consumption of the cooling system


224 T vs I

Mechanical Drawing


This new design with removable M42 extender

shorter the back focus distance (optical path) to only 6.5mm


so manual MTF lens can be supported with our M43 adapter


EOS lens can be supported with our EOS adapter

T2 to EOS 1

What’s in the box?

–ZWO ASI1600MM-C Camera Body (not includes the lens )
–T2-1.25″ nosepiece
–1.25″ Cover
–2 m long USB 3.0 cable
–USB 2.0 short cable x2
–T2-1.25″ Filter adapter 3mm thickness
–T2 extender 18.5mm length
–desiccant tablets packet
–Driver & Extra Software CD (Mac, PC & Linux Compatible)



Camera technical details

Sensor: 4/3″ CMOS
Diagonal: 21.9mm
Resolution: 16Mega Pixels 4656×3520
Pixel Size: 3.8µm
Max FPS at full resolution :23FPS
Shutter: Rolling shutter
Exposure Range: 32µs-2000s
Read Noise: 1.2e @30db gain
QE peak: TBD
Full well: 20ke
Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
Adaptor: 2″ / 1.25″ / M42X0.75
Protect window:AR window
Dimensions: 78mm Diameter
Weight: 410g
Back Focus Distance: 6.5mm
Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
Delta T: 40-45 below ambient
Cooler Power consumption: 12V at 2A Max
Working Temperature: -5°C—45°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C—60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 20%—80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20%—95%

Supported resolution

12Bit ADC
4656×3520 14.7fps
3840×2160 23.1fps
1920×1680 32.9fps
1280×960 47.1fps
640×480 80.4fps
320×240 124.4fps

10Bit ADC
4656×3520 23fps
3840×2160 36.2fps
1920×1680 57.7fps
1280×960 73.6fps
640×480 125.7fps
320×240 192.4fps

more resolutions are user defined

Before first usage of this product read manuals and install correct drivers and software.

To support our newest cameras: ASI290 and ASI1600

follow softwares newest version required

SharpCap V2.8.2325 and up

Firecapture V2.5.03 and up

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  1. GH WANG:


    May I know if there is any bayer matrix on the sensor?

    I would like to do H Alpha narrowband imaging, is this camera capable of that?


    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      this is mono version, no bayer matrix
      very suitable for narrow banding imaging

  2. angel ortega nyc:

    what sensor did you use in the asi1600mm cooled cameras

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      it is the same on Olympus’s DSLM: E-M1

  3. Kevin Morefield:

    Is there a filter wheel for this?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      under development
      we will take our EFW to NEAF2016

  4. Jonathan Cheek:

    Will this camera bin 2×2 images before analogue to digital conversion?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      the sensor provide 2x hardware bin, but I think it’s binning after digital conversion
      and 10bit only
      so software binning is a good option if you don’t need faster fps such like meteor capturing

  5. AK:

    1) ASCOM drivers are essential for any serious application. Will they be provided?.
    2) Can you readout a subsection of the chip for focussing or other purposes?
    2) 3.8 µm Pixesize is too small for deepsky applications, so good2x2 binning is essential.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      yes, we provide ASCOM driver and fast ROI readout speed to help focus and planetary imaging
      software bin2 bin3 bin4 is supported

  6. Juergen Dirscherl:

    Hi Sam,

    what is the max. QE of the monochrome version of ASI1600? Please specify.

    Is there a specification of the absolute sensivity threshold in terms of number of photons per pixel so that signal=noise?


    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      we are not sure about the max QE, maybe around 60%
      there is no absolute sensitivity threshold

  7. Tony M:

    Hi Sam
    Who is the manufacturer of the Mono sensor in the 1600mm?

    • vanessa Zhang:

      Hi Tony
      It’s from panasonic.

  8. Dan:

    What is the size of the sensor? Width X Hight?

    • vanessa Zhang:

      Hi Dan
      It’s 4/3” ,17mm×13mm.

  9. EvgeniyM:

    Hi Sam,
    How do you think can I use this camera for meteor capturing.
    Does the driver of this camera support the UFOCapture?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      yes, you can use it for meteor capturing with binning mode
      UFOCapture has problem with our camera before
      I am not sure how is it now
      but Handyavi runs very good

  10. Duane:

    Hi Sam – I have a Celestron RASA (like Hyperstar). I would like to get mono version. Do you know what options there are for using filters with this camera?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      I think the filter wheel may too big for such usage
      maybe use filters inside the adapter is the only way

  11. Samo:

    Is the cooled camera sealed?
    If yes, how is it with the dessicant? Is it replaceable/renewable?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      Yes, it’s sealed and replaceable dessicant
      you can have a look at our other cooled cameras description

  12. robert:

    what currency are your prices and what will be the cost of the asi 1600 mono cooled in Australian currency. I have a pre-order up elsewhere but willing to ditch for a better price and if you have stock/pre-order to hold for me. thank you.

    • vanessa Zhang:

      Hi Robet
      All the cameras we sell is US dollars.
      We accept pre-order now, cameras can be shippend in May.
      We offer special price for our 1600 till the end of May, 100 US dollars off retail price.

  13. Nathan:

    Hi Sam

    what imaging capture software does AS1600 supports ? Does this support Nebulosity and MaxIm DL ?



  14. MY:

    Hi, how does this unit power the cooling system?

  15. Rodrigo:


    Could you tell me how sensitive is this camera compared with DSLR cameras such as Canon 6D (modified for AP)
    Thank you

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      mono sensor is usually 3 times more sensitive than a color sensor
      so don’t compare with a mono one with color one please;)

  16. John Schnupp:

    I have seen a couple questions about the sensor. The Olympus OMD E-M1 uses a Panasonic sensor. There is additional sensor data here

  17. Glen:

    Sam, a beta tester on Cloudy Nights reported AMP Glow concerns and an apparent fix you supplied, can you explain the issue and what impact does this have on production release?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      the amp-glow issue is not so serious actually
      they are not very obvious if you exposure less than 5 minutes which should be enough for most targets
      you can check the 300s dark frame in the product description

  18. Tim:

    Maxim DL V5 support 1600?

  19. Christopher Campbell (verified owner):

    I ordered the 1600MM-Cool however it’s on backorder:1. Does that mean that we are one camera behind in back order right now? If that’s the case, what is the turnaround time for a single unit?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      we already sent orders put before May
      for new orders, we will try to send all in this month

  20. Hani:

    I plan do 10 minute exposures, can you provide a 600 sec dark frame? How bad is the amp glow at 600 sec and 1000 sec?


  21. Juergen:

    Hi Sam,

    I have two questions regarding the power supply for cooling:
    1. What is the plug size at the camera and its polarity?

    2. Cooling power supply is specified for 12V / 2Amp.
    What is its voltage tolerance?
    Can we operate it directly at a lead battery with its up to 14.1 V output voltage?

    Another question on amp glow:
    There are serious concerns about amplifier glow at long exposure time (> 900sec.). Do you have or plan any measures against it ?

    May thanks for your help.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      it’s 5.5*2.1 or 5.5*2.5 and center passitive
      the voltage can accept 9-15V

      About amp-glow for over 900s exposure, I am not sure we can get rid of it
      but we will try

  22. Joe Gagnon:


    I ordered the 1600MM Cool back on April 20th through High Point Scientific. It seems that those that ordered direct are receiving their cameras now, even if they just ordered. Are your dealers going to receive their cameras soon?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      you will get it soon, we will send some to HPS this week

  23. Glen Davis:

    My retailer (Bintel) is telling me that their pre-order shipment was delayed by a week due to “issues with the camera”. Now is this just retailer speak for supply chain delays or are there really things that you are fixing in the camera? I am also disappointed that direct orders seem to get filled but those that went though retailers are forced to wait.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      our retailer already got some of their orders
      we are just too busy to send all orders in time

  24. John Wheeler:

    What is the typical full-frame unbinned image download time via USB3 to a computer with SSD storage? Are the advertised frame rates achievable in practice?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      that depends on the speed of SSD
      very good SSD can keep up to 400M/s write speed
      which means you can record the data at 23fps

  25. Koji T:

    I want to remove back pilot lamp, but is there the good method?
    Or is there the method not to let you turn on?  

    A source of light is in trouble because I use it in HyperStar.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      I think you just need to use blank tape to cover the LED hole
      or open the back panel to cover the LED directly

      this LED is indicator or external power supply
      so there is no way to turn it off if you connected the external power

  26. JOSE LUIS (verified owner):

    Hello, if the peltier cooling is not used, the external power is needed? for example planetary ?.

    A greeting.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      no, USB power is enough

  27. yobbofarted (verified owner):

    Are these cameras being delivered yet ? or still being made ?.almost been a month since my order + i have to wait a extra 2/3 weeks for delivery (a long wait for a already released *preorder*!!!)

    so basically it’s a batch sell scheme once june comes will it be a $1180 (+$100 us) pre order ever month after may?

    after may no discount because product is in less of abundance or more of an abundance from it’s current state ?

    is the discount because we have to wait 5-7 weeks to actually get the product ?

    i canceled a pre order from retail store to save little bit but now i’m regretting it.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      we are producing and delivering, but production cannot meet demand
      so we deliver follow the order time
      we suppose we will have enough before end of this month

  28. Jean-Luc:

    Hello, what size of filter.wheel is needed for the mono model ? is 1.25″ ok or 2″ is required ? thanks

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      that depends on your scope and the EFW you use
      if you choose our EFW or MFW, 1.25″ filter can support focal ratio higher than F5

  29. JOSE LUIS (verified owner):

    Hello, I now see that the contents of the box t2 does not carry the adapter female / female 11mm happened with this adapter? I have everything ready for this measure and the order of this camera made from May 4. a greeting.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      it has been already mounted to the camera body

  30. Glen Davis:

    Sam, can you give me some idea of the spectrum bandpass of the AR glass? Thanks

  31. John:

    What is the model number of the chip? Is it produced by Pnasonic?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      yes, it’s from Panasonic

  32. JOSE LUIS (verified owner):

    Hello, orders of May 4, have already sent?

    A greeting.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      we will send your order this week

  33. Samara:

    Hi Sam,

    Orders from May 27th (Highpoint Scientific), do you have an estimate when the cameras will be shipping?


    • vanessa Zhang:

      Hi Samara
      HPS will get some 1600-c at the end of this month.
      So, I think probably you will get your camera soon.

  34. Samara:

    Thank you Vanessa, mine is a 1600mm. Looking forward! Have a great day!

  35. Mark Malloy:

    I have a WO Star 71 and a GSO 8RC, F5 and F8 systems respectively.

    Are 1.25” filters going to cause any visible vignetting on my Star 71? What are the opportunities for 2×2 binning for use with the 8RC ?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      no visible vignetting short to F5 if you use our EFW
      you can use 2×2 binning for your RC8

  36. Andrew:


    a) can you ship yo Indonesia (no local agents here)

    b) if I provide a DHL account cn yoh use that for the shipping ?


    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      yes, we can, just contact us through email

  37. Andreas:

    Hi Sam,

    is it possible to record the sensor temperature for each frame? This would be helpful for additional calibrations.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      the temperature is in the FIT header

  38. Rodrigo:

    Which software would work the best for image capturing focusing and stacking?

    Thank you

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      for planetary imaging, you can use sharpcap or Firecapture
      for DSO imaging, you can use MDL, SGP, The SKy X
      for stacking, AS!2 and DSS

  39. Samara:

    I just took first light with my ASI 1600 mm and a solar (Ha) telescope. I was wondering how can I cool the camera using Firecapture. I am only able to cool the camera using SGP. Is there any other way? I didn’t see anything on the ZWO driver.

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      please make sure you use the latest version of Firecapture
      and click “more” button in the camera controls
      then you can see how to control the temperature
      but I don’t think you need to cool it when do soloar ha imaging

  40. Samara:

    Thanks for the answer to my previous question, Sam. I have another one. Do you have any idea when you will be releasing the Filter Wheel+OAG package? Also, how many filter positions will that FW have?

    • Sam Wen

      Sam Wen:

      we will release our first EFWmini at end of this month
      it has 5*1.25″ or 5*31mm holes

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