Televue NPR-1073 .8X Reducer - for NP Telescopes

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This 0.8x reducer, NPR-1073 can be used for all Tele Vue Petzval type telescopes: Genesis, Genesis SDF, TV101, NP101, NP127, TV140, NP101is, and NP127is.

It is optimized for 55mm back focal length typical of SLR camera bodies that accept T-Rings. For DSLRs you must attach Tele Vue adapters TRG-1072 for standard T-ring or CWT-2070 for Canon Wide Tadapters, to the back of the reducer. For CCD Cameras you need to add the appropriate spacer(s) and camera adapter to maintain the 55mm back focus distance.

On the forward end of the NPR-1073, for all telescopes with 2" focusers, you must attach Tele Vue adapter RAD-1074.

For the Tele Vue NP101is or NP 127is, the front female threads accept threaded extension tubes TLA-0250, TLB-0375, TLC-0500, TLD-1000, as necessary to focus with the 2.4" focuser of these scopes, and to achieve maximum field illumination.

Optimum performance is obtained with the NP scope models and cameras having APS size format (approximately 30mm diagonal).

In all cases, the field and speed increases by 25%. For example, using an NP101 and 30mm diagonal camera format:

without NPR-1073

with NPR-1073

Focal Length (mm) 540  432

f/# (ratio) 5.4  4.3

Diagonal Field of View (deg) 3.2  4.0



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