Tele Vue Delos 8mm (1.25) (Pre-owned)

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Explore the cosmos with unparalleled clarity using the Tele Vue Delos 8mm Eyepiece. Engineered with a sophisticated 72° apparent field of view and premium optics, this eyepiece delivers immersive views of celestial objects with exceptional sharpness and contrast. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable viewing sessions, while the fully multi-coated lenses enhance light transmission for bright, vivid images. Ideal for both planetary and deep-sky observations, the Tele Vue Delos 8mm Eyepiece sets a new standard in astronomical viewing.

  • Premium Optics: Designed with high-performance, fully multi-coated optics to ensure maximum light transmission and exceptional image clarity.

  • Wide Apparent Field of View: Offers a generous 72° apparent field of view, providing expansive and immersive views of the night sky.

  • Comfortable Viewing: Features a long eye relief and adjustable eyeguard, making it comfortable for extended viewing sessions, even for eyeglass wearers.

  • Precision Engineering: Constructed with precision-machined components for durability and reliability, maintaining optical alignment over time.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both planetary and deep-sky observations, delivering sharp and detailed views of celestial objects.

  • Compatibility: Fits standard 1.25" focusers and diagonals, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of telescopes and accessories.

  • Enhanced Contrast: Incorporates advanced design elements to minimize internal reflections and maximize contrast, enhancing the viewing experience

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