Tech2000 Cordless Dew Heater "Zap-On" Wrap On Strap (large): 6 - 10 Inches

Article number: ZAP-LG
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Tech2000 Cordless Dew Heater "Zap-On" Wrap On...And Leave It On.
No more messy cords, but if you still want big power... DO-IT FREE!  Now you have options!
We just got tired of using and selling all the pricey and messy dew-zapper goods. Had enough confusion. Then we got... creative.
"OMG- I never knew you guys existed!  Thank you for the parts, so low in cost too." ... Professional Film Crew on Discovery-Channel Job.
These ingenious products electronically inhibit lens fogging, and automatically detect extra power from 12V etc. connections.


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