Svbony 400mm Dew Heater USB Powered with regulator (Fits 5 inch Scopes)SV172-400

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  • Perfect fit for up to 127mm diameter Scopes
  • Universal lens warmer;Lens Warmer prevents telescope camera lens from fogging dew by warming up the lens on a camera or telescope; it also warming up water bottle and use as a knee strap
  • USB port design ;1.8m usb cable length you can connect it your power bank or any other power source with a USB port; 1.9A to 2.0A input current; 5V input voltage
  • Temperature regulator adjustable; strong medium weak heating modes that you can adjust the temperature according to your requirements
  • Design for telescope; 50mm bandwidth does not affect the focusing and no dark angle of the field of view; 480mm band length fit lens outer diameter below 127mm
  • Heating fast and evenly;built in aluminum make heating evenly; Alloy fiber heating wire provides super fast; Three layer insulation material to reduce heat dissipation
Lens warmer

SVBONY SV172 Lens warmer protects the lens of your camera or telescope before freezing and fogging. Perfect for taking pictures overnight or morning in somewhere with high humidity.

Made of high quality material, the strip has the characteristics of rapid heat transfer and good heat preservation effect. Besides that, it adopts low temperature cable that can withstand temperature as low as -40°C so the cable is sustainable in cold environment.


Lens warmer


480mm band length fit lens or object outer diameter below 127mm

--Telescope:50mm bandwidth does not affect the focusing and no dark angle of the field of view

--camera:50mm bandwidth reduce the interference to other accessories on the lens barrel

--other uses:heating baby bottles or feeding bottles indoors or outdoors;a wrist strap or knee strap to protect you from cold weather or emergency condition


Heated Portion Size: 400*50mm
Dew Heater Strip of length: 480mm
Interface Type: USB Type-A
Input Voltage: DV 5V
Input Current: 1.9A~2.2A
Power: 9.5W-9.75W
Temperature Adjustable: Yes
Power Cable of Length: 1.8m
Dew Heater Strip of material: Imitation OK cloth + SBR + Black-T +Aluminum Film+ PU
Power cord material : Nylon
Net Weight: 85g / 2.99oz
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