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Arcturus Flexible Slow Motion Cable with Rosette Handle

This is a semi-flexible slow-motion control stalk for manual control of your mount's RA or Dec axis. The cable is 9.5" long and the end shaft has a 0.24" (6mm) bore. If your Antares, Celestron, Orion, Vixen or other mount has a knob or short stalk for slow motion control on either axis, then you can replace it with this control stalk for more convenient control of the slow motion function. Just remove the existing part (knob/short stalk), slide this longer stalk on to the slow motion shaft, tighten the locking screw (no tools required) and you are good to go. Sold individually or in pairs.

Our price: $12.00 (€10.44)
Arcturus Vibration Suspension Pads (Set of 3)

Arcturus Vibration Suspension Pads (Set of 3)

Our price: $34.95 (€30.41)
Market price: $49.99 , save 30%
Arcturus Vixen Style Mounting Platform (Saddle)
Standard Sky-Watcher/Vixen dovetail saddle plate. Similar to original Vixen Style Saddle. Even has the same vixen Color! Incorporates multiple countersunk holes in order to accomodate any mounting situation.

Our price: $44.95 (€39.11)