SBIG Specialty Cameras

ST-i guider and planetary Camera, AllSky-340 Camera, SG-4 stand-alone "smart" autoguider, Seeing Monitor


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SBIG ALLSKY-340 Monochrome or Color Cameras

The Allsky-340 is a monochrome camera and the model 340C uses a color CCD.  These are SBIG’s third generation, weatherproof, AllSky cameras for monitoring weather conditions.

Our price: $2495.00 (€2170.65)
SBIG SG-4 Autoguider

SBIG began with the ST-4 autoguider nearly 20 years ago. This venerable stand-alone unit is still used by many for digital astrophotography.

Our price: $1195.00 (€1039.65)
SBIG ST-i Guiding Kit

The ST-i Guiding Kit is a set of mechanical and optical parts that turn the ST-i camera into a compact, lightweight guiding system capable of arcsecond guiding accuracy.

Our price: $349.00 (€303.63)
SBIG ST-I Monochrome or Color Planet Cam and Autoguider

The New ST-i Planet Cam and Autoguider adds features unavailable anywhere else in a camera of this size and price.  The ST-i is a low cost, high performance compact camera that is an excellent guider and very capable Planet Camera.

Our price: $595.00 (€517.65)