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Beginner's Guides

We offer a wide selection of the very best astronomy books available on the market today. You will find categories for everything from astro-imaging and the solar system to building your own telescope and deep sky observing guides.


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Backyard Astronomers Guide 3rd Edition

Learn how to get started in astronomy from the experts. Dickinson and Dyer?s comprehensive guide is one-stop shopping for anyone who wants to learn about amateur astronomy. Eyepieces, telescopes, star hops, CCD cameras, and a host of other essential topics are comprehensively covered. Of particular note are several ?not-to? sections, including what used telescopes not to buy, how not to set up your scope, and what eyepiece designs to avoid. This expanded and updated edition is lavishly illustrated with an easy-to-read engaging layout.

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Learning the Night Sky

This book presents a unique approach to learning the night sky, an approach developed through and successfully used in teaching stargazing courses for many years. The entire sky (visible from the Northern Hemisphere) is divided into nine regions. Each region has a story or theme that ties together the constellations within that region. To the new stargazer, partitioning makes the goal of learning the night sky look surprisingly do-able rather than hopelessly impossible. One learns the sky region by region, using the stories and themes to remember the constellations of each region

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The third edition of Nightwatch continues its tradition of being the best handbook for the beginning astronomer. Terence Dickinson covers all the problems beginners face, starting with the fact that the night sky does not look the way a modern city-dweller expects. He discusses light pollution, how to choose binoculars and telescopes, how to pronounce the names of stars and constellations, telescope mounts, averted vision, and why the harvest moon looks especially bright. Most of the lovely photographs in the book were taken by amateurs, which gives the section on astrophotography a particularly inspirational gleam.


Nightwatch, Fourth Edition is a most user friendly book that covers everything. The beginner is led from the basic understanding of stars and planets to reading star charts. The intermediate astronomer is also catered to with a wealth of sky maps. Each new step is followed with diagrams, that proves visual aiding in quick comprehension. Nightwatch makes learning astronomy fun and educational for all ages.

Table of Contents

1. Discovering the Cosmos
2. The Universe in Eleven Steps
3. Backyard Astronomy
4. Stars for All Seasons
5. Stargazing Equipment
6. Probing the Depths
7. The Planets
8. Moon and Sun
9. Solar and Lunar Eclipses
10. Comets, Meteors, and Auroras
11. Photographing the Night Sky
12. Resources

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Stars: A Month-by-Month Tour of the Constellations: With Your Guide Mike Lynch

Grab your lawn chair, a pair of binoculars, and head outside with your guide to the night sky. Beloved WCCO Radio meteorologist Mike Lynch points out constellations, galaxies and other fascinating features in the stars above. He highlights 27 constellations, offering tips that will make you an expert at locating objects in the night sky. With his warm anecdotes and step-by-step instructions, Mike will help you "make the stars your old friends."

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