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Dioptrix Astigmatism Correctors

Your telescope’s focuser is used to compensate for your near- or far-sightedness; DIOPTRX™ compensates for your astigmatism. These units attach and lock onto the tops of
Rotate to the best orientation.
over 20 long eye-relief Tele Vue eyepieces to achieve the sharpest full-field viewing possible. DIOPTRX™ models are available in ¼ to 3½ diopter (¼ steps from ¼ to 2½ diopters, then ½ diopter steps to 3½-diopters), and are rotatable for tuning to the best orientation. A series of engraved letters on the barrel helps to monitor orientation. Simply choose the DIOPTRX™ model that matches your eyeglass prescription for astigmatism. All lenses are multi-coated glass in anodized aluminum housings with rubber eyeguards.


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Televue Dioptrx

* The Tele Vue Dioptrx astigmatism correcting lens assembly compensates for astigmatism. * Employs only the finest multi-coated glass in anodized aluminum housings with rubber eye guards. * The Tele Vue Dioptrx attaches to over 20 Televue long eye-relief eyepieces. * Each model is rotatable for best orientation.

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Televue Dioptrx Adapter - Nagler Type 6

* The TeleVue Dioptrx Adapter - DNA-6000 works with all Dioptrx types. * Now you can use your Dioptrx astigmatism correction accessory on all your Nagler Type 6 eyepieces! * The TeleVue Dioptrx Adapter - DNA-6000 is recommended only for deep-sky use, not daytime or binoviewing applications.

Our price: $30.00 (€26.10)
Televue Dioptrx Adapter - Panoptic

* The Televue Dioptrx Adapter - DEA-0001 works with any TeleVue Dioptrx corrector. * Designed for use with Tele Vue eyepieces that have smaller eyeguards, like the 19mm Panoptic, the 24mm Panoptic, and the 20mm Nagler Type 5. * The Televue Dioptrx Adapter - DEA-0001 works very well when binoviewing with these eyepieces and a Dioptrx.

Our price: $30.00 (€26.10)