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Antares 2 inch SCT Low Profile Crayford with Linear Bearings - 2 Speed Focuser

New! Superbly engineered dual-speed Crayford focuser for SCTs! Designed to fit the rear cell visual-back thread found on all popular SCTs made by Meade, Celestron as well as similar fittings used by other manufacturers. This new Arcturus focuser is the ideal upgrade to combat mirror shift and sloppy focus of commercial SCTs.

Our price: $199.95 (€173.96)
Antares 2" Low-Profile Dual-Speed Hybrid Reflector Focuser (Rack and PInion with Linear Bearings)

Unique hybrid Crayford focuser design uses a special helical gear which provides more load capacity than a standard Crayford, while maintaining precise focus control

Low-profile design with a racked-in height of just 58mm

Dual-speed focus control with a fine-focus ratio of 11:1 is ideal for obtaining just the right amount of focus for both observational astronomy and astrophotography

Built-in extension tube provides 43mm of extension when needed

Compatible with 8" and 10" reflector telescopes

Our price: $249.95 (€217.46)
Market price: $349.99 , save 29%
Antares Low Profile Newtonian Crayford 2 Speed Focuser

* Premium 2" Dual Speed Low Profile Crayford Focuser for Newtonian/Dobsonian reflector telescopes * Made by Long Perng (same product as Orion focuser), a leading manufacturer of premium telescopes and accessories * 11:1 fine focus control for backlash free and image-shift free focusing * Includes integral 2" extension tube for additional back-focus travel if required * Features drawtube tension adjustment and focus lock screws * Includes 1.25" eyepiece adapter

Our price: $169.95 (€147.86)
Market price: $239.95 , save 29%
Arcturus 2 inch Non-Rotating Helical Focuser
Barrel  2"
Accuracy  0.02mm
Travelling length  40mm
Objective side   M48 male thread
Eyepiece side  M48 male thread
Loading weight   2kgs
2" nosepiece adapter is included

Our price: $169.95 (€147.86)
Market price: $239.95 , save 29%